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7 Cities of Scotland

"All our dreams come true – if we have the courage to pursue them."


7 Cities of Scotland  - Finding The Courage To Change

In Cities, towns and villages all over Scotland people are finding the courage to change their mind, to have a change of heart and to change their life. Scotland is leading the way in creative, community led responses to major social challenges facing us all. From this work four Scotland wide social movements are emerging, led by and for people who are recovering from addictions, mental illness, poverty and criminal activity.

There is an opportunity for a wider community to get to know and draw inspiration from these movements over a cup of tea and cake in each of Scotland’s cities this summer. You are invited to take part in a wee night out with a heart, soul and social conscience. Its called Finding The Courage To Change.

The Scottish Recovery Consortium (addictions), the Violence Reduction Unit, Wevolution and the Scottish Recovery Network , See Me (mental health) will each bring live stories from these new movements. You will hear from people in Scotland who are finding the courage to change, their lives, their environment, their economy, their communities’, and their own, values and attitudes. Sharing stories of hope, transformation, reconnection and growth help us all to heal.

These events coincide with the 500-mile recovery walk being undertaken in July round Scotland by two sisters, both in recovery from addictions and mental health problems. They are walking to raise awareness of recovery from addiction and inviting people to take part in Recovery Walk Scotland 2017 in Dundee on 30th September 2017.

You can find Registration Forms for each of the events below: