Freed Up Events

In 2021 Glasgow ADP funded SRC to host a Recovery Events Coordinating Officer role within the SRC team, with the aim that this role will ensure social events, and entertainment are offered across the city to allow people to enjoy themselves and to grow creatively in recovery. From this we employed Donna, and Freed Up Events was born!

The activities are offered nationally to individuals and LEROs, and we want everyone to be involved. Events happen regularly in Glasgow but will be offered in different areas and often broadcasted digitally to include as wide an audience of Recoverists as possible.

Socialising and taking part in events are a great way to reduce stigma, break down barriers and build a sense of community with the wider population and this role and workstream will play a major part in our work to reduce stigma and build bridges of understanding into wider communities.

Donna Boyd

Recovery Entertainment Events Coordinator

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