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A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step: Lao Tsu

'Life makes a student out of us all.'


A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step: Lao Tsu

Thursday 29, June 2017 by Kuladharini

With the start of the 500-mile walk this week the Scottish Recovery Consortium is planting a confident foot into a more direct recovery campaigning style. We are taking our recovery messages directly to the public and making recovery from addiction even more visible in Scotland.

Over the next 4 weeks Karen and Kuladharini of the 500 mile recovery walk team will be making direct face-to-face contact with thousands of people on the route that takes them north from Glasgow along the West Highland Way, to Inverness via the Caledonian Canal and back south to Edinburgh on the Scottish Coastal Pathway.

The 500 mile recovery walk team will be handing out flyers to everyone they meet. In the evenings they will be making time to attend local recovery meetings and meet with local recovery groups.  The team will be making a case for more people in recovery to join local recovery communities and help build a bigger more visible face for recovery in Scotland.

In each of Scotland’s cities that we pass on the way there will be a major recovery awareness evening for the public. The events are going under the banner of “7 Cities -Finding The Courage To Change.”  The SRC’s 7 cities team have formed a partnership with other imaginative and creative social change movements in Scotland. The Violence Reduction Unit, See Me, Wevolution and the Scottish Recovery Network (mental health) are all contributing their courage to change stories to the 7 Cities night out.

Together we will be challenging any prevailing negative attitudes and beliefs about people who have addiction problems, people who are in mental distress, people who are marginalised economically and people who have a history of crime and violence.

By telling our stories of finding the courage to change, we help ourselves and the public make personal contact with a bigger picture of human suffering and self transcendence. We can and do change. We do recover. We know that stigma about addiction finds it hard to survive when people have connected with the recovery as well as the addiction.  We imagine it might be the same for other stigmas too. This 500-mile walk and 7 cities tour is designed to make maximum use of social contact opportunities to affect positive change in all of our stigmatising attitudes and behaviours.

And all of this is helping build for the biggest recovery awareness and social contact intervention in our calendar: Recovery Walk Scotland 2017 in Dundee on Saturday 30th September. Each step is taking us closer to our vision of Scotland as a welcoming, compassionate and connected community in recovery from addiction, crime, poverty and mental distress.

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