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"Stigma finds it hard to exist where recovery is present"


Recovering Connections: From Stigma to Respect

Wednesday 02, August 2017

The largest ever gathering of recovery communities in Scotland will take place on Friday September 1st at the wonderful Tramway venue, Glasgow. All recovery groups, communities and family recovery groups in Scotland are invited to take part. 

The event "Recovering Connections – Changing Stigma to Respect “ will kick off September as International Recovery Month in Scotland. It has been organised  by the Partnership for Action on Drugs in Scotland (PADS) Communities sub group, who want to hear directly from the community what is important to us. 

Around 400 people will gather to consider how we might change stigma to respect. How might we as recovery community challenge some of the conditions that hold us back? We will also be sharing whats working well, hearing whats growing in recovery in each area of Scotland. There will be open workshop spaces for groups to share any ideas or initiatives they love. 

Key influencers and ministers in Scottish Government will be taking part in the event alongside communities and family groups, to learn more about how they might contribute to changing stigma to respect. 

Invitations have been sent directly to Recovery Communities and Family groups listed with SRC or SFADA, but if you don’t think you have received your invite yet or that you might have deleted it by mistake then direct message the SRC on our website or Facebook with the following details: 

Your Recovery or Family Group name, contact name and phone number and email address and we will get your invite sent to you.