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Tuesday 12, September 2017 by Kuladharini

Recovery Month 2017  - pause and be grateful….

When the confetti cannon launches the start of Recovery Walk Scotland 2017 in Dundee on Saturday 30th September, I will most probably be tearing up with gratitude.  Its takes hundreds if not thousands of people saying yes when they could so easily say no, to make an annual recovery walk.

And this year has been a landmark year for people saying YES! to the recovery walk.

As of yesterday we have in the bank and in commitments the funds needed to run a smooth recovery walk. Through grants, donations and sponsorship we have fully met our 35k fundraising target.  That is the most we have ever raised – thank you to every sponsor, every business, every treatment agency, ADP, Health and Social Care partnership and individual who gave.  My own friends gave over £1,000.  I was blown away by how much they want to support this work.

Scotland is physically beautiful.  Taking the long 500-mile walk from Glasgow to Edinburgh via Inverness this summer, I was regularly moved and shattered by the deep stillness and raw power of our shared landscape.  I could feel it trying to work on me; it eased some of the broken bottles in my head. But it was in backstreet of Tayport in Fife that I was brought to my knees with gratitude for the beauty in the hearts of the people who live here.  

I was on the 123rd mile of 124-mile walking week. I had strained a muscle in my bottom (I know, go figure – I walk 500 miles and my feet are fine but I managed to hurt my bum!). I was struggling deeply, nauseous and tired and having to pause to breath out the pain and find the wherewithal to finish the weeks walking. I was at the end of my tether.

And out of nowhere a car pulls up and a woman jumps out. She said, “ I just want to thank you for what your doing - its amazing. Here I have a wee donation. I work in Aberdeen and have been following your walk (on Facebook).”  I just stood there and wept with gratitude. She has no idea how much that meant to me. I hobbled the last half-mile smiling and crying at the same time.

I needed reminded, as I am sure we all do from time to time, that we do not do this life or work alone, and that the universe is a place that wants to help us all grow and love.  Building a recovery movement in Scotland is work we can only do together. The movement is built on gratitude for life, for help and for the gifts that we share with each other, whether that’s wisdom, time, attention, love, or even money.

So this Recovery Month lets pause and say thank you very much…







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