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Visible Recovery - its time for next generation to take the stage

"It’s quite an accomplishment in life to have friends who will tell you what they think and feel about your actions and work."


Visible Recovery - its time for next generation to take the stage

Tuesday 10, October 2017 by Kuladharini

Here we are more than 5 years on - a visible and thriving recovery movement in Scotland. We are, no doubt, starting to see the fruits of our own movement-wide “better than well” effect.

  • The lived experience of recovery from addiction is being heard at all levels of decision making in substance policy in Scotland.
  • With 120+ visible recovery groups in Scotland - they are now branching out into their own filmmaking, social reporting, performances, radio programmes, magazines; creating a recovery culture as well as the more straightforward pop up café and recovery groups.
  • Our recovery walks show our growing recovery confidence in public. In Dundee we were actually chanting as we made our way through the city. Recovery Dundee gave us: Recovery! Recovery! THIS is what recovery looks like! And Forth Valley contributed:  F.V.R.C. – We are RECOVERY!  

We are a flourishing “better than well” community of activists and at the same time we are facing an intensification of the global and local challenges that cause humans to seek solace in addictions.  Deaths from drugs, alcohol, tobacco related causes are all on the rise in Scotland and most of the world. Mental distress is on the rise too.

As I was walking 500 miles round Scotland this July, I was moved, shattered and inspired by the beauty of this country and the depth of silence at its heart. Something in the poetry of our landscape taught me not to be afraid of reality. The mountain can take anything I can throw at it without flinching.

I believe we have all we need right now to open our hearts to build the compassionate communities we need that will create space for the tribes of the wounded.

We are wounded by the economy, wounded by disconnectedness, wounded by pressure to conform, wounded by hatred. The ways we break may vary - some of us make a God out of money, some of use find substances to ease the pain, some gamble with other people’s lives and finance, some of our minds break and for many our souls get lost.

The first generation of recovery activists created this unexpected and big-hearted community of visible recovery, we have taken it very far in a short time. But now the movement needs the next generation to take up the reigns of leadership. I am calling to you who have grown up with visible recovery as a fact in communities, in treatment and in public policy. You can see the further shore, the next right recovery step beyond the ones others and I have already taken.

The velvet rebellion of compassionate communities can begin with you - the SRC invites you to lead recovery colleges in your region, to develop recovery matters in your agency, to host those tricky conversations that will create a landing space for the future.

The invitation has been issued - can you accept the challenge to lead the next generation? 

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