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SRC - the next incarnation!

"They are able who think they are able".


SRC - the next incarnation!

Friday 08, December 2017 by Kuladharini

2018 will be a year of big changes for the SRC.  Constantly evolving the contributions we make to recovery from addiction in Scotland, we have now got a whole new look staff team coming in 2018.  Supported by the Scottish Government’s substance misuse unit the SRC will, in early January, begin the recruitment of two new staff members to join our team.  

Our new look 2018 team will be focused on the development of recovery communities and the recovery movement.  Another role will focus on integrating the lived experience voice into decision making in Scotland.  We will be recruiting a full time social media officer to support the relationships and networks with our online connections and make our resources more useable.  Our staff team size will grow from 4 people to 6! 

We are utterly grateful and delighted to be granted this additional investment. With this, and with you, we know we can build even more amazing opportunities to initiate, sustain and spread recovery from addiction in Scotland. 

I have been at the helm of this tiny ship in the sea of recovery for six years now and as I was walking round Scotland this year, I was delighted to hear the voices and see the work of many new generations of recovery activists. You are everything I dreamed of when I took over the SRC in early 2012. It became clear to me that it is time I moved over and made space for a new leadership voice in the SRC.  

So in the middle of 2018, the SRC will begin the recruitment of a brand new chief executive.  It’s our hope that we will announce who has been appointed at Recovery Walk Scotland 2018 in September and that the new chief executive will be taking up post October/ November 2018. 

I have loved this work passionately and still do. This work has been deeply important to me personally. But loving the movement as I do, I know it needs leadership from the next generation of recovery activists, the ones who have grown up in this movement of visible recovery we have created together and who can see the future we could head towards.  You can watch a wee film about why I made this decision by clicking the link below.

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