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Announcement: Wave Goodbye - Say Hello - New SRC CEO announced!

Friday 24, August 2018

Click here for the introduction video!

A word from Kuladarini, our current CEO:

"My time at the helm of the very good ship Scottish Recovery Consortium draws to a close. We have appointed the next CEO of the SRC. It’s a time of mixed and at times undefined feeling. There is joy at the choice the SRC Board made, there is deep satisfaction at what we have all achieved together over the last 6 and ½ years.


There is relief that I paid close attention to the inner knowing that arose on last years epic 500 mile trek round Scotland. I knew that I was no longer the person to steer the SRC into its coming future. I had completed what I had been called to do and it was time to let go and let the next generation come.  I had two goals when I took up the job; firstly to build more respect for the lived experience of recovery from addiction and secondly to make a bigger more visible recovery movement in Scotland. While those tasks are still ongoing and may never end, I feel as one commentator aptly put it, that I “ have put in a good shift”.


Remember when we discovered world style conversation café? And how powerful a tool that was for connection and creativity?  And what about the Recovery Initiative Fund?  Remember how that fuelled an explosion of recovery activism? The Recovery Colleges?  How they help sustain that activism. The SRC made beautiful publications, engaging events and had working groups for everything that involved many of us in determining their shape and direction of travel.  I remember the uninhibited joy of each Recovery Walk Scotland.


During all that time I have been supported, challenged and inspired by the SRC team and Board and YOU. I want thank all staff members past and present, all board members past and present, all recovery activists past and present.  I am glad to have played my part. My spiritual community beckons and I will become the next chair of Glasgow Buddhist Centre in the autumn.


The next Chief Executive of the SRC will be Jardine Simpson, a long-term recovery activist whose most recent outlet for his recovery passion has been the formation and growth of Forth Valley Recovery Community.  It feels right and fitting to me, to hand on to such a being. I am a fan of his work.  But lets hear from the man himself…."


Jardine Simpson: "What an amazing and generous introduction! I want to take this opportunity to make a personal thank you to Kuladharini for all the amazing work she has put in on behalf of us all during her time as CEO. It’s also time to reflect on where your own recovery and the Scottish Visible Recovery Movement's development has taken us all over the last six and a half years.


Kuladharini’s hard work, talent, commitment and integrity have brought us all to where we are today in our thriving visible recovery community. Her presence has played a part in many of our personal recovery journeys; I know that is true for mine. 

  So let me thank Kuladharini once more and make it clear that her legacy is a strong, effective and inclusive SRC and Scottish Visible Recovery Movement. I look forward to developing it further in the years to come. And I will need your help to make that wish a reality.  So I look forward to meeting you in person soon and hearing from you on how we can build recovery and reduce the suffering of addiction still further.


Together we flourish…"