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International Recovery Month Proclamation

"All our dreams come true – if we have the courage to pursue them."


 Please CLICK HERE to sign our petition to call for a public health emergency in light of the 2,849 lives lost to drugs, alcohol and suicide in Scotland during 2017.

For the first time the Recovery Community of Scotland supported by its friends and allies is making its own International Recovery Month Proclamation. In it we make a request of our elected representatiives and citizenry.

This "Let Us Not Forget” proclamation (below)  is our heart felt plea to this wonderful country of ours to step up the compasssion. Despite our collective best efforts we are not reducing the scale of loss to alcohol, drugs and suicide. All our current efforts  in terms of treatment, support services and community action are necessary contributions, but they are not sufficient.
934 people died of drug-related causes
1,235 people died of alcohol-related causes
680 people died of suicide
We are asking for a much bigger perspective to be taken. 
Over 450 people gathered in George Square on Thursday 6th September 2018 for the public remembrance ceremony. 
The 2,849 “Forget Me Not” wooden flowers, 1 for each life lost to drugs, alcohol and/or suicide were unveiled



Additional Supporters:
South Ayrshire ADP


September is Recovery Month and it is being celebrated all over the world!

The SRC is delighted to support recovery month.