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Recovery Communities

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better."
Samuel Beckett


I'm Looking For ..

Guidelines for a 'Baw on the Deck' meeting.

A summary of the resources and training that the SRC can offer recovery communities in Scotland.

The World Style Conversation Café Guide to running your own Conversation Cafe

Guidelines communities may want to consider when recruiting volunteers.

This guide was produced to coincide with the first UK Network Event for Recovery Community Development and Recovery Cafes, which took place in Edinburgh thanks to the sponsorship of the Scottish Recovery Consortium.

A list of recovery groups across Scotland, reviewed October 2015.

This paper provides an overview of the history and culture of NA and to distinguishes the NA programme from AA and other recovery mutual aid societies.

This document for clarifies what all parties can expect from peer recovery support. 

Framework that considers the elements below that help with the process of developing a recovery plan. 

A selection of blogs about the recovery college experience from the participants in Recovery College West.

Building your own Recovery Support Group.

Building a Recovery Network or Community.

An example of a Recovery Community Constitution from AiR (Aberdeen in Recovery) that includes abstinence. 

From Faces and Voices of Recovery some tips to prepare for interviews, techniques for working with reporters and how to look, act and speak your best.

A report on the importance of community to recovery.

The SRC recommends the Scottish Recovery Network guide to sharing your recovery story safely and well.  

Ten characteristics of transformative innovation from the International Futures Forum.

A guide to constructing powerful and tranformative questions for conversation cafe.

An asset based skills and resources tool by Kretzmann & McKnight 2003.

This paper explores the concept of community recovery, posits a set of preliminary principles related to community recovery, presents a case study of community recovery and outlines strategies used in the City of Philadelphia to promote processes of community recovery.

This social media playbook is designed a practical toolkit to help you overcome barriers and get a handle on social media. It includes guiding principles for your social media presence, as well as best practice, case studies, how to grow followers, signposting to how-to guides and more....

A replapse prevention and recovery support program for Native Americans by White Bison Inc.

An introduction to an asset-based approach from the Optimist Network.

More information about the SRC and World Style Conversation Cafe.