Jardine Simpson – First Year as CEO

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Reflecting on my first full year as Chief Executive of Scottish Recovery Consortium I have so many people and organisations I want to thank for their support.

Firstly, to the people with living and lived experience of addiction and recovery. This year has been very challenging…at times even desperate. As we saw drug and alcohol deaths rise the frustration and anger was understandable. As people in recovery and as an organisation committed to making recovery more accessible to those experiencing addiction issues we pulled together to offer compassion, to volunteer our perspectives on what needed to change and offer our commitment to making those changes happen. In the face of this I was so privileged to be supported by the Scotland-wide movement of Recoverists who conducted themselves with compassion, empathy, positivity and hope. WE are truly a ‘community of consequence’ in Scottish society and it’s my privilege to serve this movement as we make our significance count in the reduction of substance dependency and stigma and the proliferation of recovery.

Next, I must thank Team SRC. The board and staff team of an organisation which has brought Scottish recovery to an incredible position in the last decade. In times when our problems in Scotland have been focused on it is easy to forget that this small country is a world-leading force for innovation in recovery from dependency. SRC has played a crucial part in making that happen alongside local recovery communities, people in recovery and friends of recovery. Scottish Recoverists ROCK!

Finally, thanks to all our partners and friends. From Scottish Government, REACH Advocacy and local recovery communities as well as recovery orientated services to our fellow nationally funded organisations and colleagues in ADPs across the country. We couldn’t do any of our work without you. If you feel I haven’t given you a mention then please accept my thanks and best wishes now…and keep doing what you do, it is life changing and more needed now than ever.

Jardine Simpson Chief Executive Officer

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