Lived Experience Recovery Organisations

LERO’s are Lived Experience Recovery Organiations, organisations that are primarily made up of people with lived experience within a relevant field to their operation of the organsiation.

SRC chairs a National Group made up of leaders of Lived Experience Recovery Organisations from across Scotland. SRC’s role is to chair the group and represent the voices of LERO’s from across Scotland at a local and national level with SG and ADP’s.

SRC’s chairs its own LERO Leadership group, the group is made up of representatives or leaders of lived experience recovery organisations from across Scotland.

LERO Leadership Group RE: Grassroots Funding

The LERO Leadership group members met on the 23rd  of February to discuss amongst other things the new Scottish Government funding for grassroots organisations. In the report we have given a detailed account of the discussions, with some suggestions and feedback on the process of applying for this fund, whilst also outlining the needs of grassroots Lived Experience Recovery Organisations (LERO’S) from across Scotland.