Accessibility information for using our Moodle Learning platform

SRC are focused on everyone being able to access our Moodle Learning platform.
The following information will help you to get the most out of our platform and highlights some of the functions for easy access to learning material.

If, however, you have any issues or problems accessing the courses, please get in touch with and we will prioritise enabling your access to the learning content.

Text to Audio
Whilst there is written content within in each page, we have also activated Text to Audio. This is a function that will read out the written content of a page when you scroll along written text. 

Subtitles/ closed captions
There are a number of YouTube videos within the course too. If you prefer to see written captions of what people are saying, there is a function on the bottom left of the YouTube video called ‘subtitles/closed captions’. This will activate captions/subtitles at the bottom of the recordings. 

Documents and attachments
All of our documents or attachments should be readable using a screen reader. Should you find anything unsuitable throughout our learning, please get in touch and we will treat this with priority.