Prison & Healthcare

The Prison & Healthcare Development Officer’s role is to support recovery development initiatives within the criminal justice system, bringing lived experience, Scottish Prison Service and prison healthcare closer together to achieve the vision of recovery for more people within the Scottish prisons and/or criminal justice systems.

The SRC vision is to create a cultural and operational change across the national Scottish Prison Service estate towards recovery from alcohol and drug dependency by building understanding and implementation of recovery focused approach which benefits prisoners, regime and healthcare management and builds coordinated and connected recovery pathways throughout SPS and Scottish communities.

Scotland leads the world in the progress that has been made through the ‘Recovery from Within’ activities, the collaboration between SPS and SRC has already achieved a lot of traction and has provided us a platform to develop prison recovery even further, creating lasting positive change across the Scottish prisons recovery network and amplify this innovative practice globally.

If recovery is prioritised alongside current operational and strategic realities, we envisage not only improving Recovery Orientated Systems of Care (ROSC) and recovery options for the prison population but bringing better outcomes to the whole prison setting.

Ultimately, our goal is that every prisoner within every Scottish prison is able to access and initiate a robust and meaningful recovery pathway that continues seamlessly throughout their custody,  on liberation and carries on into their resettlement back into their community.

Click here to view our latest information leaflet on Recovery from Within.