Resources produced by Scottish Recovery Consortium that are available free to download to use.

SRC Publications

Groups Covid Guidance

Recovery Community & Mututal Aid Groups Covid Guidance

Recovery Volunteer Handbook

The Scottish Recovery Workbook

SRC Workforce Development Prospectus

Methadone Memoirs

SRC Annual Report 2019/2020


SRC Annual Report 2020/2021

SRC Annual Report 2021/2022

SRC Annual Accounts 2022

Collaborative Work

LERO Leadership Group RE: Grassroot Funding

A response paper to Scottish Government step change around residential rehabilitation

Lived Experience Reference Group Residential Feedback

Rewriting the Media’s Portrayal of Addiction and Recovery

PADS. Recovering Connections: Changing Stigma to Respect

Prison To Rehabilitation Evaluation (2022)

Residential Rehabilitation Providers Brochure

Further Reading

Rights, Respect & Recovery

Digesting the Evidence

The Value of Lived Experience in Social Change Report

Recovery Community

Recovery Communities Worksheet 1

Recovery Communities Worksheet 2

Road to Recovery – Community as Key Factor

Personal Recovery

Recovery Workbook

Recovery Dimensions for People in Recovery

The Personal Recovery Outcome Indicators