Support this winter

Many groups/services have altered hours over the festive break. We have collated the guide below so that you have all the latest information in one place.

Please remember there are also many mental health support lines available 7 days a week. Find this resource here.

If you have any additions, amendments or questions, please contact


Aberdeen ADP Click to view timetable


Ayr in Recovery Click to view timetable

Turning Point Stevenson (North Ayrshire) Tea & Toast Saturday Mornings

Ayr ADP/RecoveryAyr Click to view timetable 

East Ayrshire Recovery Networks Click here to view timetable

East Ayrshire Recovery Hub Click to view timetable


Blantyr Christmas Drop Ins. All welcome Click to view timetable

Dumfries & Galloway

The Inn on the Loch Free Christmas Dinner Click to view poster
Contact or call Helen on 01556 690281


Edinburgh Recovery Activities (ERA) 

Wednesday 28th December, 11.30am-3.00pm: Recovery Community Cafe. Walpole Hall St Mary’s Cathedral, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh EH12 5AW

Saturday 31st December, 8.00pm-12.30am: New year Party. Leith St Andrews Church. 410-412 Easter Road, Edinburgh. EH6 8HT


Circles Advocacy provides advocacy support to adults who have or have had issues with drugs or alcohol. Support included having views heard, providing info so they can make informed choices, ensuring human rights are upheld and signposting where we cannot help.

Over festive period we will (unfortunately) be closed from 23 December – 3rd Jan inclusive. Messages can be left and we will return calls as soon as we return to work. Referral forms can be sent during the festive period for action on our return.

Please return referral form to


North East Recovery Community Click to view timetable

North West Recovery Community Click to view timetable

Homeless Project Scotland
Christmas Dinner, 25th December, 2.30pm-10pm, 80 High Street. Limited spaces – RSVP
0800 0147 160

South Community Recovery Network Click to view timetable


Restoration Fife click to view


Arrows (Quarriers service) Weekly group timetable
Click to view festive opening hours
01343 610500  


Smart Recovery, no change to usual support:

Tuesdays 2-3pm online SMART meeting
Wednesdays 1- 3.30 Recovery Drop In, with face to face SMART meeting from 2.15pm at Nairn United Reformed Church, soup, warm place and friendly chat included.
Thursdays 7-8.30pm Online Family and Friends SMART meeting.

North Lanarkshire

North Lanarkshire Recovery Community Click to view timetable
Contact Kerry Anne on 07920 234693, or visit their Facebook page


Scottish Families Affected by Drugs & Alcohol Festive Helpline Hours click to view