World Mental Health Day 2022

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Natalie Manly, Recovery Communities Development Officer at SRC
Today is World Mental Health Day.
Speaking out gives me back my power and inspires others to do the same. Dealing with my trauma, forgiving the people who had hurt me, and owning the part I played in my issues also played a part in healing.
Mental health is everything- it’s how you treat people, it’s how you allow people to treat you. It’s how you react, it’s your understanding, and it’s how you see the world.
It’s your ability to cope, it’s your resilience, it’s what you see when you look in the mirror.
If someone is acting in a way that you cant understand; if they snap at you when you have done nothing wrong, cancel plans at the last minute, or try to argue a point with you which doesn’t make sense – take a minute. This behaviour isn’t a reflection of you. It isn’t even a reflection of them. It’s a reflection of their mental health.
And at that moment maybe they cant see things in the same way. Maybe their lines are blurred or their vision is black and white. Hopefully with time and growth that will change. In the mean time: don’t give up on people. Don’t talk behind their back or make them feel worse than they already do. Be the reason they allow themselves to trust someone. Be part of their growth, agree to disagree, build each other up.
We all have good days and bad days. We all have mental health. Lets help each other have good mental health.


Hear more about Natalie’s story by coming along to The Art of Recovery’s Living Library, where Natalie will be telling her story, “Removing the Mask” tomorrow (11th Oct), 11am to 3pm.
There will be several “books”, consisting of a range of people in recovery who will be ready to tell their stories and answer any questions you may have. We highly recommend attending if you would like to enhance your knowledge of different types of recovery.

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