The Scottish Government has launched a public consultation about alcohol marketing, and is considering placing restrictions on where, when, and how alcohol can be promoted. For people in recovery, alcohol marketing can be a trigger which threatens their recovery and can cause relapse.

SRC will be responding to the consultation, in support of restrictions on all types of alcohol advertising and promotion. We are keen to bring the voices of people in recovery more fully into this debate, to increase understanding of the human impact of alcohol marketing and ensure that people can participate in decisions that affect their lives. We therefore hope to encourage as many people with lived experience to give their views before the consultation closes on 9th March 2023.

Responses to the consultation will be used as part of the Scottish Government’s decision-making process, along with a range of other available evidence; for example, the responses may be used to inform the development of new alcohol marketing restrictions or help decision makers choose between different options. As such, the consultation provides a key opportunity for people in recovery to make their voices heard and change the way that alcohol is promoted in Scotland.

You can read SRC’s response to the consultation here.

How to respond

To respond to the consultation, you can complete the Scottish Government’s full consultation online. Alternatively, for those who believe that the alcohol marketing should be restricted, we have produced a template email that can sent directly to the Scottish Government.

To use this to respond to the consultation, please download this Word document, complete it with your personal details and any thoughts, views and experiences you want to share. Once complete, send it by email to by 9 March.

If you support alcohol marketing restrictions but would like to send something shorter, you can use this document instead.

Please note: