Scottish Recovery Consortium (SRC) is delighted to announce the launch of the Recovery Seed Fund.

Recovery Seed Fund Has Launched!

The aim of this fund is to support new & unconstituted Lived Experience recovery groups/organisations with an initial award of up to £5000 to support with start-up & running costs.  Additional support will also be given to develop these groups /organisations to become sustainable, skilled and independent groups/organisations. This is a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to take their group to the next level so they can continue supporting recovery in their community.

Who can apply

The aim of the fund is to develop and support substance and/or behaviour Lived Experience recovery organisations to trial, grow and develop their ideas, services or products and build organisational capacity.

You can apply for the SRC Seed fund if you are a substance and/or behaviour Lived Experience Recovery Organisation/voluntary group (LERO).  This is defined as an organisation that has autonomy or independence, are led by understanding, knowledgeable staff or volunteers, with people of lived experience of recovery running the group.

  1. You should be over 16
  2. Your organisation or group is less than 12 months old, or unconstituted if you have been active for longer
  3. Your organisation/group must have an income of less than £30,000 a year
  4. There must be at least three people on your board/management committee
  5. Your organization or activity should be delivered in Scotland
  6. The activities of the enterprise do not involve political campaigning or the advancement of religion
  7. The enterprise is an independent organisation and not the project or subsidiary of an existing body
  8. The enterprise aims to provide direct social benefit or awareness to individuals, communities working within recovery.


For a full list of eligibility and guidance on the application process, click here.


For further information, an informal chat or to find out about the application process, please contact Fiona McQueen at