My Recovery Gave Me

Scottish Recovery Consortium created a small scale public information campaign called ‘My recovery gave me…’ to mark Scotland’s national recovery day on 23 March.

Although this work began a while ago, we still use the positive recovery images created in our work. 

The campaign used print, bus, billboard and radio advertising to place asset-based recovery messages in the heart of Scottish life. Campaign areas of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen were selected to feature in the campaign as each city was significant in the SRC’s work throughout 2012/13.

Each campaign image features a scene from a different Scottish city and a message about recovery.

My recovery gave me was informed by consultation with the recovery community in Scotland via the SRC’s social networking sites which were used to ask the question “I knew I was in recovery when…”.

Kuladharini, Director of the Scottish Recovery Consortium at the time said:

“We have chosen to mark Scotland’s first ever national recovery day by placing asset-based recovery messages in the heart of public life. The campaign features different aspects of the recovery journey that many people in recovery from addiction experience. We’re showing a day in the life of recovery across the country which reflects what we already know; that recovery from addiction is a normal part of everyday life in Scotland.”