Residential Rehabilitation Working Groups

Scottish Recovery Consortium is part of two working groups that aim to improve access to residential rehabilitation:

Scottish Government Residential Working Group

The below report provides a set of recommendations to the Scottish Government and other partners involved in reducing the harms caused by problematic use of alcohol and drugs – recommendations which aim to improve access to residential rehabilitation treatment.

Residential rehabilitation treatment for drug and alcohol problems is a well-established intervention acknowledged in the Drug Misuse and Dependence National Clinical Guidelines as an important option for some people requiring treatment.

A recently published international review of residential treatment outcomes for substance use disorders, which included a methodologically strong study from Scotland, found evidence for the effectiveness of residential treatment in improving outcomes across a number of substance use and life domains.

It is important there is access to this intervention evenly across Scotland and that national models are developed around planning, value for money, commissioning, referral pathways, types of intervention, discharge and aftercare, what constitutes good or best practice and monitoring or regulation

See the following for more information:

Good Practice Guide: For pathways into, through & out of Residential Rehabilitation in Scotland

The Recovery and Residential Providers Group

The Recovery and Residential Providers Group was convened in March 2020 by SRC to explore providers of residential care from across the country coming together as a body to form a community of practice dedicated to improving treatment for those experiencing substance use issues, bring residential providers closer to the commissioning and treatment systems in place across Scotland and collaborate to provide quality improvement and contingency response during Covid-19 Pandemic.

In our first year we have collaborated successfully with Scottish Government, the Drugs Death Task Force and the Scottish Recovery Consortium to create and deliver a number of lifesaving and life-changing opportunities. The Early Release from Prison to Residential Rehabilitation Pathway, the Scottish Government Working Group on Residential Care and the Continuum of Recovery for Near Fatal Overdose Test of Change are all examples of our work over the previous year.

Voluntary Guidance for Best Practice in Residential Rehab 

Prisons to Rehabilitation Procedure and Protocol 2022

Prison To Rehabilitation Evaluation (2022)

Residential Rehabilitation Providers Brochure (2022)