Rights in Recovery

“Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and for their individual recovery journey to be fully supported. This strategy is, therefore, about how we best support people across alcohol and drug issues – taking a human rights-based, public health approach to ensure we are delivering the best possible care, treatment and responses for individuals and communities.”

– Ministerial foreword to Rights, Respect and Recovery

But what is a ‘rights-based’ approach in practice and what does it mean for all of us?

The Rights in Recovery Development Officer works with LEROs and recovery communities to build an understanding of how a rights-based approach can help them achieve their goals as Recoverists. The Rights in Recovery events offer learning opportunities and structured training programmes to include all Recoverists regardless of where they are on their recovery journey.

As part of a wider awareness raising approach SRC delivers these events across Scotland and encourages participation from the drug and alcohol sector and recovery communities but also from a wide range of other sectors (i.e. housing, criminal justice, social work, advocacy organisations etc).

Please find out more about our current Rights in Recovery learning opportunities below.

Find out more about your rights at www.un.org/en/observances/human-rights-day/know-your-rights 

Rights in Recovery 1 Day Workshop

SRC has developed this bespoke one-day workshop to help you engage with
the process of understanding and recognising our rights in recovery. Although
human rights are universal, it is widely accepted that people whose lives have
been affected by alcohol and drugs often face specific and significant barriers
when claiming their rights.

Workshop participants are provided with an overview of the major themes
of the rights-based approach, its context, and why it’s relevant to all of us
in Scotland. Participants will gain a level of confidence to speak about the
rights-based approach and will feel empowered to claim their and their
community’s rights.

Workshops run from 10am – 3.30pm

Please contact us if you wish to enrol your organisation in this training.

The Rights in Recovery Leadership Programme

Scottish Recovery Consortium (SRC) are working in partnership with the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) to produce and deliver this unique piece of training that will provide participants with an understanding of human rights, their context in Scotland, and how to be able to use human rights as a way of advocating for and empowering people with lived experience of alcohol and drug-related harms. This is an exciting learning opportunity which promises both personal and professional development. Training is free and consists of a full 5-day course that will be offered via a combination of face to face and online depending on Covid restrictions.

Training will be delivered across ten sessions, with participants coming from a wide range of organisations from across Scotland. Participants will be empowered to confidently act as recovery advocates for themselves and their respective organisations and will gain the knowledge to further explore human rights-based solutions to Scotland’s alcohol and drugs related public health crisis.

Content has been created collaboratively between SRC and BIHR with cooperation from a broad range of stakeholders from residential rehabilitation, the Drug Death Task Force, MAT Standards implementation team and many more, with guest input from human rights expert and Chair of the National Collaborative, Prof. Alan Miller.

Participants will also join the National Recovery Advocacy Network (NRAN) upon completion of the RiR Leadership programme. This growing network of recovery advocates provides connections, network, community of practice, policy updates, and much more to help its members improve their confidence and skills.

With BIHR’s excellent reputation for providing high-quality training with professional expertise in the human rights sector, coupled with SRC’s expertise in the recovery sector and its networks of people affected by problematic substance use, this promises to be a strong partnership. We strongly believe this learning opportunity will play an important role in embedding an understanding and awareness of the rights-based approach in Scotland.

Please note: current intake is complete and next dates are TBC

Tom Bennett

Rights in Recovery Officer

0141 559 6936 tom@scottishrecoveryconsortium.org